A Solution for Class Management

A full stack web application showing my skills to develop both client and server software

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  • Visual Style: SASS
  • Front End: React, Redux
  • Back End: Express, Sequelize
Landing screen of the Digital Class website.

Visual Style

I replicated the design from ZEIT/Vercel because of its well-blended color palette which I find suited to the formality of the app.

The Digital Class color palette and logo

The Mission

Digital Class started as an evaluation tool for teachers to keep track on the progress of their classes and the students.

The project is constantly being updated with more functionalities as well as a more optimized code performance.


Back End

The server is an Express application connected to a PostgreSQL with Sequelize as ORM.

I also use JWT for authentication and authorization for the app.

Front End

The front end is built with React together with Redux for state management.

I especially pay attention to how to optimize user experience, as in handling data fetching, authentication and authorization.

A snippet from the DevTech Tools API, converting data from JSON to CSV.

Improving the Experience

The interface is currently not responsive and only limited to laptop users.

There also needs more improvements on the server side regarding how to better handle the algorithms.


I use Heroku with a free account plan to deploy the server and it's unfortunately slow when the first request for fetching data is made.

The front end is deployed with Firebase.